St. Madeleine Sophie Essentials Series

The Essentials Series is composed of two separate but complementary programs designed for adults wanting to renew, refresh, or solidify our Catholic Faith.

Faithful Citizenship
September 25 – October 23, 2016

Sundays 9:40-10:55 a.m. between the Masses

A weekly series between the masses, addressing issues in the upcoming national election (November 8) in light of our faith.  Designed to provide useful information and to practice responsible decision-making as a faithful Catholic.

September 25: Fundamentals of 2016 election: Issues and candidates, how people make value-based decisions, civics Jeopardy! dates and deadlines, the ballot, reliable sources of information

October 2: A faith-based process for making value-based decisions

October 9:Applying our faith-based process to election issue:  immigration

October 16:Applying our faith-based process to election issue:  economy and economic justice

October 23: Applying our faith-based process to election issue:  national security (terrorism, international relations, climate change) OR people’s choice.