Mission and Goals

Mission Statement

We are St. Madeleine Sophie Parish, a Roman Catholic faith community.

Together with our Pastor and Bishops, we witness to God’s saving love in our worship; minister to people in need; develop an informed faith and an understanding of the dynamic tradition of the Catholic Church; encourage good stewardship; and empower all to responsible participation in the life and work of the faith community.


  • To build and strengthen a faith community that welcomes and accepts all people by providing opportunities to recognize and use their gifts and talents for the development of Parish life.
  • To extend loving service and compassionate support to people with physical, emotional, spiritual and material needs within the parish and the broader community.
  • To pledge ourselves to work for a larger Christian vision of justice by striving to change the social attitudes, conditions and structures that work against the poor and disadvantaged.
  • To tithe our gifts, talents and resources and ensure that they are used responsibly to fulfill our parish mission.
  • To celebrate our Catholic faith through quality liturgical rites, worship and sacraments.
  • To provide faith formation for all ages so that they may have the opportunity to experience the message of the Gospel and understand our Catholic identity.

Volunteer Ministry

There is a wonderful spirit of involvement at St. Madeleine’s. Catholics today are expected to share in the continuing work of Christ in our world. We understand that the call to discipleship, witness and service applies to all of the baptized. As we put our faith into action, we find great joy and our lives take on new meaning.

Of course, how we live out our baptismal call is determined by our gifts, our personal circumstances, and the time and knowledge that we have. We are the Body of Christ, and we accept our part of his mission in our families, schools, workplaces, neighborhoods, and parishes.

Parishioners make an annual Volunteer Ministry Commitment each , indicating the areas of parish life in which they offer to serve. After the Commitment sheets are compiled, everyone is contacted by parish staff or volunteers, given information about the ministries, and asked to serve in one of more ministry areas. Serving on a volunteer ministry team is a great way to get to know people as well as to give back to God some portion of the many blessings we have received.

Parishioners wishing to get involved in volunteer ministry may contact the parish officeabout volunteer opportunities or the school office. In December 2006, the parish will begin our annual volunteer opportunity program. Please look for information in the bulletin at in the announcements.


Supporting our parish financially flows out of our sense of belonging. As you become an active parishioner, the more you feel that you belong to the parish and the parish belongs to you. Giving to the Church becomes as natural as paying the monthly bills.

It is expected that all Catholics will financially support their parish at a level in accordance with their means. Registered parishioners receive envelope packets in the mail every two months. Donations may be made through the collection basket at mass or by electronic payment.

Parishioners make an annual Sacrificial Giving Commitment each November, indicating the level at which they plan to give and if they will be donating weekly, monthly or annually. Sacrificial Giving stems from the biblical concept of “tithing” or returning to God a planned percentage of the blessings we have received. The suggested goal is 10%, with 5% given to the parish and 5% given to wider Church needs, other charities.. Catholics work toward this goal, starting at a level they can afford and progressively “taking a step” in faith each year.

Parishioners wishing to make their donations by electronic payment may click below to print the blank form and return it by mail or through the collection basket at Mass.

Electronic Payment Form

Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council advises and assists the pastor with the broad direction of the parish. Parishioner members, serving 3-year terms, are asked to be visionaries and strategic planners. The Council also promotes community and unity, by listening to the parish community and formulating broad priorities, goals and policies, which articulate and foster the mission of the parish. The Pastoral Council meets monthly.

Email:  Pastoral Council

Finance Council

The Finance Council advises and assists the pastor in maintaining the financial health of the parish. Parishioner members, serving 3-year terms, formulate the annual budget, monitor income and expenditures, evaluate special needs and make recommendations to the pastor in areas of financial concern. The Finance Council meets monthly on the fourth Thursday.

Email:  Finance Council