Refugee Assistance

Refugee Outreach Ministry

Join us, in response to the call of Pope Francis, to welcome and help refugees.

Our mission is to provide hands-on service to refugees who have been forced to leave their countries to escape war, persecution or natural disaster.  We will work with local agencies who are already engaged in providing services to refugees in our area.

These are legal refugees fully vetted through a 2-year investigatory process by the Department of State and Homeland Security.   They come from all over the world.

Examples of Volunteer Work:

  • Welcome them to the Seattle area and to their new homes
  • Teach them about grocery shopping and the METRO system
  • Provide transportation
  • Help them complete paperwork and resumes for employment
  • Help them enroll children in school
  • Assist with ESL training


For further information or to volunteer, contact Greg Schuler  425-890-8724