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Acceptance. When I came to St Mads 5 years ago I as a single mom struggling financially as well as spiritually. St Mads accepted my daughter and I no questions. I I never felt out of place or pitied. Just equal in our faith.

Heather and Manuel Vasquez


I have been at St. Mad’s for 15 years. During this time I have seen it grow in spirit and new families. I have also seen it face significant challenges in the doing, and while challenges may never end, they are addressed with the right spirit, of respectful dialogue and a prayerful stance: what are we called to do to build the kingdom here and now?. Especially over the last 5-6 years, the parish has seemed to explode with good energy, particularly from the school kids and parents. The parish has also intentionally fostered hospitality and welcoming as its hallmarks, which could not be more Jesus-like. This month when we honor our dead — all those faithful who have gone before us — Fr. Picton reminds me that this is truly a family. Not the quasi-family that companies try to foster in the workplace, but a community bound together and with those who went before, all of us seeking the Kingdom. Makes our faith life pretty real and pretty meaningful. I feel very blessed to have landed here.

Christine McKenna


I love the people so much! It’s a wonderful family and community to belong to. And, I love the experience my children are having at the school!

Julianne Read


What I have come to appreciate is the way our Parish has grown in taking on challenges and “new” ways of looking at ourselves. I believe we have become a more viable community as our diverse family has evolved. Fr Jim has been a warm leader assisting us in our journey. I look forward to the future growth we are embarking upon.

Rick Houser



Our parish is family for us in the truest sense of that word. Over the years we have made deep friendships in the parish. These are friends with whom we share hopes and dreams, fears and pain and many great memories. I couldnt imagine not being a member of St. Madeleine’s.

Ken Ramsey



Two Words: Fr. Jim

Kathy Montine


Our community is amazing for families. We have met wonderful friends through Marriage Renewal activities and our son is engaged through participation in youth group activities and more.

Carmen Aquiar


 Recently I had to move my mother 1600 miles away from her home in the Midwest to be nearer to my family; she had Alzheimer’s and was so saddened to leave her familiar community. She is now a resident of Regency Newcastle and she had the biggest smile in weeks when she attended her first service by Father Jim ….she loves going every Tuesday and converses about the impact her faith has had on her new life in Assisted Living…So much of this was due to Father Jim’s great kindness and support (as well as the deacons).

Marilyn Hancock


My husband and I had been away from the Church for several years. St. Madeline Sophie parish welcomed us back with open arms. Father Jim, Chris, Joe and the rest of the staff have provided us with immeasurable love and support since we’ve returned. Their support, and the support of everyone else in the Parish, has helped us not only sustain, but grow our faith, during a very difficult in our lives. We can’t begin to thank you enough; we are truly fortunate to have the St. Madeline Sophie parish in our lives.

Jennifer Satterlund


It is only when I have left the St. Madeleine Sophie parish and join another parish that I know the difference. I grew spiritually when I joined the St.Madeleine Sophie parish. My values got anchored in deeper waters.

Aesthetically speaking, St.Madeleine Sophie Church is also a great place for prayers and meditation.

Theresa Yu


This Sunday was a good example when Father Jim read some heartfelt comments from people who have been nourished here at St Mads.  I especially appreciate that Our parish encourages small groups, ie in Marriage Renewal, Bible study, Cursillo ,Mothers and Others and more.Caring Bonds form and faith is strengthened for our daily walk. I also am inspired by the volunteers and very devoted staff.

Theresa Mahoney


The community and the many options for growing spiritually!

Kim Racine


A place to laugh and cry…but most especially to give thanks to my Lord!

Bonnie Sanchez


This parish is absolutely wonderful! I grew up going there. Was an altar server, babysitter, helped out with pancake breakfasts and loved youth group! The people are so welcoming and make you feel like you are part of a big family. The support, love, knowledge of the faith the catechists and parishoners have is outstanding. The choirs are excellent and the quality of the different groups and programs is second to none. I always felt alive with the Holy Spirit whenever I was there and was so happy to be a part of the St Madeleine Sophie parish family. I hope that I get stationed back in Washington so that I may once again attend Sunday mass there and be part of this wonderful parish again. GOD bless.

 Jacqueline Divina-hernandez