March 2014

Dear Friends,

Christ is raised from the dead! Alleluia! Alleluia!

His resurrection is the pledge of God’s faithful love. Jesus chose fidelity to God’s ways which cost Him his life then God displayed fidelity to Jesus by giving Him new life after death. Jesus, the Christ, shares that gift of life with each and all of us. Not the  romantic kind of love we so often hear about in the media but the hard, difficult love that sustains relationships by seeking the good in the other person even when it hurts.

In His rising from the dead Christ has given to us a new vision.  Many do not have a full enjoyment and understanding of the nature of the resurrection. So many people imagine that Jesus simply came back to life like Lazarus. Not so! Though the resurrection of Christ took place at a particular place and time in history what happened to His humanity transcends the limitations we as human beings experience in space and time. His was a glorious resurrection or complete transformation of His human body. He truly conquered death in Himself and for us too. For we shall rise to glorified bodies like His when He returns in the fullness of time.

In His rising from the dead therefore, Christ gives us a new vision – we can never look at the world in the same way. His followers had to revise their whole way of thinking. The world was no longer the world as they had known it. The power of the Risen Christ in their lives made all things new and with it their understanding of what it meant to be alive, what it meant to be in relationship to God and to others, and what it meant to be destined for eternal life.  During the Sundays of the Easter Season,     leading up to the celebration of Pentecost Sunday, we will be sprinkled with baptismal water. On these occasions, let us be reminded that through baptism our daily life is joined to the life of Jesus Christ if we commit ourselves to living that truth.

May God bless us and our community of faith in these Easter Season days.

Fr. Jim Picton,

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